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Regional Broadcast Television

IP-MultiCasted Streaming Video with Government-Regulated Channels

One Login : Many Devices

Up to five (5) simultaneous streaming devices (3rd party devices allowed) per account. One (1) CipherTV™ Bar, App License or Paid Channel Package Req.
  •   Android 4.4
  •   Android 5
  •   Samsung Galaxy
  •   Google Nexus
  •   Android TV Boxes and Game Consoles
  •   iOS
SD stream uses 1-3Mbps throughput, HD stream uses 3-6Mbps
High-Quality Internet Television with Hundreds of SD & HD Channels

Monthly Plans from C$0 to C$29.95   |   CipherTV™ Bar 3.5a C$200 incl S&H

IPTV Over-the-Air

Per Month

  • Recurring Cost-Free Over-the-Air TV
  • Channels   |   Alberta  /  British Columbia
    12 HD & 23 (AB) / 24 (BC) SD
  • Channel Packs Available
  • Concurrent Device(s) per AccountOne
  • Individual Channels Available
  • Product Information

IPTV Select

Per Month

  • Low Cost Home Entertainment
  • Channels   |   Alberta  /  British Columbia
    Everything in OTA plus 29+ (twenty nine) more
  • Channel Packs Available
  • Concurrent Device(s) per AccountFive
  • Individual Channels Available
  • Product Information


Per Month

  • Something for Everyone in the Family
  • Channels   |   Alberta  /  British Columbia
    Our best value with over 90 channels
  • Channel Packs Available
  • Concurrent Device(s) per AccountFive
  • Individual Channels Available
  • Product Information
UNMETERED.IO is responsible for all management and support of subscribed services. We provide only high performance (IP MultiCasted) licensed content from regulated carriers.


Get Started in Just a Few Easy Steps : Internet TV Made Simple!

Check for your favourite TV channels on our listings : ensure what you like is available.

we ask questions 2. Decide on Set Top Box

An official CipherTV™ Set Top Box or Application License is required per CipherTV™ streaming account.

During setup you'll have created an account, this contains invoices and buttons to control your services.

issue solved 4. Start Watching Your TV

After opening the app on Android or Apple a Set Top Box : login with your email address to get started!

Comparison with Other Providers

With dozens of Streaming TV Providers in the marketplace : not all are the same!

Internet Television

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our UNMETERED.TV IP Television Solution

What is CipherTV? What is the CipherTV™ Bar?

CipherTV™ is a CRTC-regulated Canadian Internet Television broadcaster and network services provider. Their infrastructure takes satellite and other digital medium from domestic and international content providers and distributes them according to Canadian government regulations and standards. UNMETERED is an authorized distributor.

CipherTV™ is a pretty way to enjoy live TV and on demand entertainment. You can watch great movies and TV programs with action-packed sports events, Informative and Reliable News programs. Listen to different Music Genre, play games and connect to your loved ones through Skype or MSN built in applications or install your favorite apps.

Can I find CipherTV™ Bar in a local retail store? What do I need to use CipherTV?

CipherTV™ Bar players are currently sold directly through authorized distributors located on CipherTV's ‘where to buy’ page. The CipherTV™ Bar is also available from websites like NCIX.com, DirectCanada.com, NetLink Computers and a few others. UNMETERED ClearingHouse sells the bar for $200 including shipping and handling.

CipherTV™ actively works with retail sales channels, wholesale distribution partners and content providers. Information about their products and services is available from CipherTV.com. The CipherTV™ Bar uses the Internet to obtain streaming live TV : a CipherTV™ partnered Internet service provider is required to watch CipherTV™ content.

Is this 1080p or 720 and is it upgradable to 4K? How many devices can a user access with the same account information?

Television content providers broadcast streams at 720p for two main reasons; 1) the picture quality is almost indistinguishable from 1080p, and 2) the size of the stream will allow for multiple internet users and minimal bandwidth consumption. The CipherTV™ Bar itself supports higher resolution streams for applications with the capability.

Currently up to five (5) devices can concurrently use the same log in on a paid monthly subscription (Home and Select packages) and one (1) concurrent streaming device on the "Over the Air" package. The IPTV device(s) must be connected to a CipherTV™ partnered network otherwise they must use a VPN to connect to an authorized network.

CipherTV™ Internet Television Channel Guide - Alberta & British Columbia

We offer TV contents to British Columbia and Alberta. To know more about our available TV channels into your area, you can download our channel guides below. This guide has included all the pricing and premium channels, packages available for your area.    

Channel Guide :     British Columbia     Alberta     |     User Guide
With over 300 premium TV channels, Experience the most popular digital and high definition channels CipherTV™ offers. Enjoy unlimited viewing options and make the most of sports, adventure, lifestyle, movies, news and entertainment. Choose your channels now and make the future of entertainment happen on your favorite TV screen!

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